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Welcome to the SET-BC AfterShare program.

SET-BC consultants use their blog to share resources and to support workshop participant networking.

Click on your SET-BC consultant’s name to go to their blog!

Adam Rattray

Angela Cheung

Barb Acob

Carla Berlingeri

Charlotte Friend

Clayton Bussey

Colin Cheng

Danielle Verge

Debbie Klassen

Debby Kim

Doug Bowes

Elizabeth Welsh

Elyssa Derban

Flo Wong

Fran Raab

Jessy To

John Drescher

John Thomson

Josh Campbell

Joti Chahal

Julie Ormiston

Kerry Randle

Lena Ling

Merrill Gray

Mike Sheane

Nadine Korven

Sarah Chadwick

Scott McKay

Stacey Harpell

Sumeet Ghtaura

Tak Yamada

Archived Sites

Linda MacKenzie

Mallory Burton

Nedra Post

Sharilyn Hunter

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Tiers of Service

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