Literacy Supports – The Little Prince

I came across this article showcasing the work of artist Eva Sbaraini.  She designed 3D models of the images found in the beloved book, The Little Prince.   She has uploaded the files to MyMiniFactory, along with this video.

Her work is beautiful, and I decided to print a set of the images.  I chose to try printing at 50% of the given size, as the prints were quite large.

I started with the sheep ( , and chose to print with supports.  I ran into trouble right away.

I thought that the legs were too thin to support the print, so I tried again at 75%.

I again had movement of the legs during the print.  I tried again by printing the sheep on its side.

It worked (almost)!

An ear popped off mid-print.

I tried again with the black filament, on its side, with supports, at 75%.


The following day, I tried to print the ram, and disaster struck (3x).  I will try again, so stay tuned for updates!


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