OpenSCAD – Accessible 3D Drawing

This post is about accessible 3D drawing software. Open SCAD is accessible by JAWS and VoiceOver. So for students who rely on screen readers for access to information on the computer, OpenSCAD will support the ability for these students to draw 3D objects for printing.

To download a copy of OpenSCAD, go to:

If you’re on a Windows machine, be sure to download the correct version of the software. You need to determine whether your machine is 32-bit or 64-bit. You can verify that  by going into the Control Panel and looking under Systems.

Working with OpenSCAD requires some coding know how in how to draw something in 3D.

There are several YouTube videos that introduce the basic concepts of how to use OpenSCAD.

Here is a series by David Dobervich that I found useful:

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