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In my search for literacy-based 3D prints for students with visual impairments, I came across a file that would print with a working hinge. [...]

Goodnight Moon

After I gave up on printing Harold and the Purple Crayon, I continued to investigate the files created by the Tactile Picture Book Project. [...]

Literacy Supports – Harold and the Purple Crayon

As I’ve been exploring the existing literature regarding using 3D printing to support literacy, I came across STL files for a few book [...]

Literacy Supports – The Little Prince

I came across this article showcasing the work of artist Eva Sbaraini.  She designed 3D models of the images found in the beloved book, T [...]

Groot and the Hairspray Test

Glass Prep: 2 layers of aerosol hairspray, dried to tacky Expected duration: 6 1/2 hours Actual duration: 5 hours Supports: no supports for [...]
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