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Making Braille Labels

TouchSee.Me is an online tool that renders 3D labels in braille in a variety of different languages and Braille Codes. Once the 3D file has [...]

More Sources for 3D Digital Files – an index of good quality 3D models for download from places like Thingiverse. Also includes Sewell graphics, too. http: [...]

Links: 3D Models by AT Specialists for VI

In a previous post, “How 3D Printing is helping Students with Visual Impairment”, I linked to a video about Neal McKenzie: AT Sp [...]

Video: How 3D Printing is helping Students with Visual Impairment

Came across this short video clip of an assistive technology specialist supporting a student with VI using custom 3D printed items.  The vi [...]

Article: Design Students Create Tactile Map of School

Here is a link to an article of a group of city college design students that created a tactile map of a school using 3D printing. Click link [...]

Article: 3D Printing for Accessible Instruction? Why Not? It Is Affordable, Successful, Amazing!

Here is a link to some work that was done in California. The focus is in Science. The PowerPoints at the end of the article are of the prese [...]
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