About Me


Hi there.

I’m Stacey Harpell and I’m a SET-BC consultant. I’ve worked for SET-BC for a few years and my focus is providing support for AAC users and training for specialists and teachers. I enjoy working with all communicators.

About Me

I have worked as an SLP for the last 20 years, all with a focus in AAC. I started my career in the Anchorage School District in Anchorage, Alaska. Then moved home to Saskatoon Saskatchewan, where I worked in a pediatric hospital coordinating the AAC team. Later, I worked with adults in the Rehabilitative Day Services and the Adult Speech-Language Center. I am new(ish) to BC, and feel happy to be with the SET-BC team.

My Interests

I enjoy traveling, learning about and interacting with new cultures. Cultural specific communication is deeply interesting to me.

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