Synergy Final Project

Please find below a document that outlines the parameters for the Final Project, due May 31st SETBC_Project_Final_Report [...]

Creating a User Profile in MyGaze Software

Creating a User Profile in the MyGaze software [...]

January 18 2018 Meeting

Thanks everyone for joining in today’s meeting, it was great to hear how the EyeLearn stations have been going. Sounds like you have m [...]

Training Day Nov 30th 2017

On November 30th 2017 two teams in BC came into SET-BC to collect the much anticipated EyeLearn Rolling Station. The morning was spent going [...]

Synergy Project Support

For support, contact: Carla Berlingeri, SET-BC consultant, Occupational Therapist or 778-874-8724   Bridges Suppo [...]

Clicker 7 Resources

SET-BC Self Directed Clicker 7 Course Cricksoft Website, with suggested video and resource links below: Learning Grids: http://www.learning [...]

EyeLearn Setup and Supporting Materials

Bridges Canada: Welcome to EyeLearn Rolling-Setup-Guide Setup of an Eye Gaze System: Positioning Handout Educate at Bridges website: A repos [...]
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