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Many thanks for attending the session on Clicker 7 in the Secondary Classroom.

Here is a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation for your reference:

Clicker 7 to Support Secondary Students-1hjqxqk

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Where can I find pre-made activities that will work in Clicker 7?

Visit Resourceset, SET-BC’s repository of activities where you will find a variety of activities that support the BC Curriculum.  Although most of them are made for Clicker 6 (owing to the newness of Clicker 7), they will also open in Clicker 7.

To visit Resourceset, go to SET-BC home page at www.setbc.org and use the drop-down menu “Students” to find “Resourceset”

While you are at the SET-BC page, why not have a look at other services and resources that we provide!


Do not forget that Clicker 6 has a direct link to their Learning Resources from the Shared Files Area of the Clicker 7 program:Screenshot Clicker 6 The Clicker 7 activities are divided into Clicker Book, Clickerboard, Clicker Board, Sentence Set, Connect Set, Word Bank, Talk  Set, Matching Set and Custom Set for ease of sorting and filtering.

There is an age filter (use with discretion) and a variety of categories to search:  Arts, Assessment, Citizenship, Early Learning, Geography, History, Language Arts, Literature, Math, Quick Starts, Science and Themes.

Filter, search and download….and don’t forget that all activities are editable should you find one that’s “almost there” or that gives you an idea!

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What features of Clicker 7 might benefit the secondary classroom?

Those who are familiar with Clicker typically relate it to the earlier years of learning, however, especially with the upgrades in Clicker 7, there are more and more applications to the secondary levels of education:

A fabulous blog that got me thinking comes directly from Cricksoft itself and offers a variety of starter ideas to integrate Clicker into the secondary classroom from writing frames to webbing to word banks.  Click on the bolded title below to access this informative blog:

Using Clicker across the curriculum in secondary schools

Clicker can be formatted to reflect the older student but still, if needed, offer the visual and auditory supports that have always made it so powerful. (Spellcheck, Customizable Word Prediction, Read Back, Visual Supports, Customizable Word Banks etc.)


Not to be forgotten are the myriad of access options that are built-into the new Clicker 7 software, accessible to all via direct selection, alternative keyboards, dyslexie font, single and dual switch access and even an eye-gaze connection.

Super Keys Alternate Keyboard

Super Keys Alternate Keyboard

jellybean switch

Jellybean switch

Cricksoft Switch Interface

Cricksoft Switch Interface

Clicker 7 offers Eye Gaze Access

    Clicker 7 offers Eye Gaze Access
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Where can I find help while I learn this program?

There are a variety of training options for Clicker 7.

SET-BC offers 30 minute online training opportunities in a variety of areas.  Be sure to have a look to see if any Clicker 7 offerings are upcoming.

The developer of the Clicker line of software also offers exceptional training videos and pdf step-by-step guides:


Their 90 second training videos and pdfs are divided into manageable chunks under the headings Documents, Preferences, Accessibility, Clickersets and Ribbons so that you can easily hone in on the area you are looking for.

DON’T FORGET THAT CLICKER 7 TRAINING CAN BE REQUESTED AT YOUR District Request for Service Meeting in the spring.

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Clicker 7: What’s different from Clicker 6?

Clicker 7 was released by Crick Software in January, 2016.

New features include:

New features:

Functions displayed  Ribbons-Toolbars

New voices – Inflection:   Josh and Ella

Voice Notes – record thoughts

Word Pool – mis-spellings, mis-pronunciations

Clickerboards – webbing and brainstorming

SuperKeys Accessible Keyboard (plus 7 additional keyboards)

Class preferences

Additional Access:  Switch and Eyegaze, Fixed Scanning

Improved HELP!!!!! menu

Word prediction improvement – next word, phonetic and topic specific

Activity creation similar to app format (Talking Books, Sentence Building, Word Banks)

Learninggrids/Learning Resources – categorized by type of Clickerset

PCS, Symbolstix, Widgets Libraries

Dyslexie Font available

Save as PDF or Word Document

Please see www.cricksoft.com for upgrade prices from Clicker 6.

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