Introception in the Classroom

Here is a resource from Australia that is helpful in understanding Introception in the classroom and how mindfulness can support this sensory. Introception-1u6q8kj

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Youtube Vidoes to support Sensory Learning

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Table of Sensory Apps by recommended categories

Sensory Apps – Please be advised that apps can become unavailable at anytime, be free one day and have a cost the next.

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Sensory Processing and Apps to support Power Point

Sensory Apps DP Conference PDF

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Sensory Processing and the connection to Self Regulation and IOS apps to support.

Sensory Processing Sensory processing disorders are similar to a “Traffic Jam” in the brain and are more common than people are aware of and affect about 10% of the population, that’s about 1 in 20 people. Sensory processing issues range

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Workshop Support Materials (1st Post)

Materials from workshop, etc. You can upload files from your computer. Use the ‘Add Media’ button to upload files to this blog for participants to download files. You can also add hyperlinks to other sites.

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