About Me

Hello and welcome to my support site.

My name is Colin and I have been a SET-BC consultant for five years.  I am based out of the Lower Mainland and I am currently the service coordinator for the Fraser Valley school districts (#33, 34, 35, 37, and 48).

About Me

I began my career teaching primary grades at Shaughnessy Elementary in Vancouver.  After six years of teaching K-3, I changed gears completely and taught grade ten at Prince of Wales Secondary for the next six years where I worked as one of four teachers in the TREK Outdoor Education Program.  During this period, I was working on completing my Master’s in Educational Technology degree at the University of British Columbia.   This led to a natural progression to working at SET-BC where I was able to implement many of the tools that I had researched.

My Interests:

I happily spend a good deal of time with my wife and two children.  We are all seasoned travellers and enjoy exploring different parts of the world.  Obviously, I enjoy working with technology and as I have an inquisitive mind, some of my free time involves learning about new developments in technology.

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