Where Students Struggle – Reading


  • lack vocabulary
  • decoding
  • fluency
  • new to English
  • comprehension
  • distraction
  • too much information


  • provide meaning/picture
  • text to speech
  • reading practice
  • translation
  • highlighting
  • screen masking, distiller
  • summarizer, note taking


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Where Students Struggle – Writing


  • poor spelling
  • lack vocabulary
  • difficulties with context
  • new to English
  • poor written output
  • too many thoughts


  • word prediction
  • dictionary
  • audio feedback
  • translation
  • dictation
  • voice note/graphic organizer
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Free vs Paid Extensions

Stand-alone extensions

  • usually comes with limited or no support
  • typically only offer supports in a singular area
  • may be created by an enthusiast or hobbyist
  • here today, gone tomorrow

Paid extensions

  • commercial ventures with full support
  • tend to have a longer shelf life
  • purchase is tied to google account
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Apps/Extensions to Support Reading

  • Reference – Google Dictionary, Google Translate
  • Text to Speech – SpeakIt!, Select and Speak, Chrome Speak, Announcify
  • Distilling – Reader View, Readability Redux, Clearly, Mercury Reader
  • Truncating text – Summarizer, Summarize This, SentiSum, Newsela
  • Dyslexic font – OpenDyslexic, Dyslexic Reader, HelperBird
  • Tracking – Readline, Beeline Reader, Crafty text
  • Reading Suites – AT Bar
  • Navigation – ClickFree Browsing, Caret Browsing, Magic Scroll Web Reader
  • Scanning – Snapverter, CopyFish
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Apps/Extensions to Support Writing

  • Graphic organizers (MindMap, MindMup, Mindmeister, Mindomo)
  • Visual Organization (NiftySplit, Tab Scissors, Tab Resize, TabCloud)
  • Citation (APA Citation Machine, OttoBib)
  • Writing Suites (Co-Writer Universal, Read&Write for Chrome)
  • Spelling/Grammar (Grammarly, Ginger)
  • Revision (Draftback)
  • Dictation (Dictanote, Voice instead, VoiceNote II, Voice Recognition, SpeechPad, Kaizena – voice comments)
  • Reference (Google Translate, Google Dictionary)
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What is read&write for Google Chrome?

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome™ is a user-friendly chrome extension for use with PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.
  • free to install with basic features
  • premium features are available on a subscription or free to teachers
  • there are three different ways to utilize the extension:
  1. reading and comprehension supports on websites
  2. reading and comprehension supports in .pdf, .kes and ePub documents
  3. writing in Google docs
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What read&write does

  • offers supports in:


  • Text-to-Speech
  • Spoken dictionary tools
  • Picture dictionary
  • Highlighting
  • Distilling

2. Writing

  • Speech Input
  • Translation
  • Word prediction

3. Speaking

  • Reading practice
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How does read&write work?

  • read&write supports documents such as those created in Google docs, PDFs, ePub files, Kurzweil files (.kes) as well as websites in the Chrome browser
  • supports are accessed through the use of toolbars
  • toolbars will change depending on the application that it is being used on
  • three different toolbars: webpage, writing, .pdf/.kes support
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Predictive Text

Predictive Text

  • word prediction tools anticipates words students may wish to type
  • can be configured to ability and vocabulary (under settings)
  • increases written output
  • click on tool – tool will be underlined in blue
  • a dialogue box will open offering suggestions
  • suggestions will change depending on text entered
  • 6 word prediction strategies
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Speaking Tools – Hover Speech, Read, Speech Maker

  • variety of tools to assist students who may struggle with reading

Hover Speech

  • when activated (tool will be underlined in blue), hover speech will read everything that the cursor hovers over

Reading Controls

  • user can also highlight text to be read and use icons to control speech

Speech Maker

  • highlighted text can also be saved to an audio file (.mp3 format)
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