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Thank you for your questions about Boardmaker Online during our session at the District Partner Conference.  We posed them to our local Boardmaker Online representative and his responses are below.  For many of the responses, Tobii Dynavox is aware of the issue but you are encouraged to reach out to their tech support to bring your concerns to their attention.

Is data stored in Canada?

  • As of January 2019, all data is stored in Canada and Tobii Dynavox uses Microsoft Ager Cloud Storage

Is it possible to generate bilingual pages (e.g. Arabic)?

  • Currently, languages are limited in Boardmaker Online
  • Additional languages will be brought online gradually so keep checking and providing feedback to Tobii Dynavox

Why are some of my images missing when I upload activities from disc (e.g. missing multiple images in one button)?

  • In January 2019, an update was done which may have solved this issue so try again
  • Users may experience a “loss” when uploading
  • Please call tech support and continue to provide feedback

Can you set default page orientation and font size?

  • Cannot do universal settings to create a template with your preferred settings
  • They are aware of this issue so continue to provide feedback
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