About Me

Ashley Pleasance

Hi there!

I’m Ashley and I’m a special education teacher and a SET-BC Tier 3 consultant. Prior to joining SET-BC, I was the teacher of an intensive intervention program in the Surrey School District. My classroom was made up of students with complex profiles including significant problem behaviour. An integral part of my classroom included providing augmentative and alternative communication through assistive technology.

I am passionate about using technology as a tool to support students in pursuing curricular and social inclusion. This is what drives me in being a part of the tier 3 team at SET-BC!

Nona Navin

I’m Nona and I’m a SET-BC Tier 2 Consultant. I started working at SET-BC this year and have been enjoying learning with and from educators around the province who are integrating technology into their classroom practice.

After completing a B.Sc. in Chemistry at McGill University, I worked for several years as a chemist in Vancouver. I returned to school for Education and started teaching in the Richmond School District as a Learning Resource Teacher. While teaching in Richmond, I completed a Diploma in Special Education (UBC) and a Masters of Education in Science Curriculum at SFU. I have devoted my teaching career to promoting inclusive education and I enjoy working in teams comprised of classroom teachers, specialist teachers, education assistants, and parents to create classrooms where students can thrive. Appropriate learning technology plays a key role in the success of students and can help facilitate student engagement and achievement for all learners.



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