Dr. Mike Ribble February 22nd

Keynote session materials:

Keynote Slides

Breakout session materials:

Breakout Slides

Digital Citizenship Website

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Dr. Jennifer Katz February 21st

Keynote Session Materials

Keynote Slides

Breakout Session Materials

Session Slides

Grade 8 BC Unit

Linear Algebra Mini-Unit


2017 SUMMER INSTITUTE:UDL & The New BC Curriculum

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DP Session Table Sharing Resources

Building Your UDL Tool Kit- SD 71 Comox Valley- Jane Rondow

Session Slides

District Wide Implementation of Read & Write for Google Chrome- SD 37 Delta- Karen Horner

Session Slides

Software to Support Learners- SD46 Sunshine Coast- Sandy Magnussen

Snap and Read Info from Bridges

snap_read_universal_quick_start 2

Co writer info from Bridges

cowriter_universal_quick_start copy

Handout for SET BC Conference 2017


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