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Differentiated Instruction

Station Rotation: Differentiating Instruction to Reach All Students:

What is UDL? (UDL vs. DL)

Differentiated Instruction and UDL:

Website- Differentiated Instruction, Concordia University, Portland:

What is Differentiated Instruction? Examples of How to Differentiate Instruction in the Classroom

BCTF Website- Differentiated Instruction:

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Explain Everything Task Card

English: Explain Everything_iOS_Task Card-yskz8u


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Pic Collage Task Cards (English and French)

English: Pic Collage IOS Task Card MB-1cv35vs

French: updated Pic-Collage_iOS_Task-Card-DL-francais-1e5iyc6-1o39bzl

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TED Talk- Math Class Needs a Makeover

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Table- Math Apps and Additional Resources

Table- Numeracy Apps and Additional Resources-1uyre9q

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Apps for Numeracy and Planning for Differentiated Instruction- SET BC Online Resource


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Indigenous Basketry Patterns to Teach Math Concepts

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