Workshop Description

Workshop Name: Digital Storytelling (across the Curriculum) РiPad based (Grades 4-7)
Date of Workshop: February 6, 27, & April 17, 2018
Hosted in School District: #39

The topic for this workshop is “Digital Storytelling (across the Curriculum) – iPad based (Grades 4-7)”.¬† This is a workshop series of three sessions. Session one focuses on digital storytelling in Language Arts using Book Creator app. In session two Explain Everything app for digital storytelling in Science and Social Studies is explored. Finally, in session three iMovie app for digital storytelling in any curriculum area is explored. In each of the sessions participants will have an opportunity for hands on experience with the applications and iPad. Each session will introduce examples of digital stories at the intermediate level and how the apps can be used by students to create similar stories in the various curricular areas.

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