Workshop Support Materials SESSION #3 iMovie

Digital Storytelling (any curriculum area)  using iMovie

Student examples


Geography Project Example

The Water Cycle explained by a child

4th Grade Solar System Project (iMovie)



“Aztec Knights” Narrative Theme-iMovie Trailer Explorer Project

End of year 8th grade Social Studies review project


Digital Storytelling Example: Poetry 7th Grade


Book Trailers


This is the site where you can find planning sheets for iMovie trailers (not projects). Helpful for pre-planning.


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Workshop Support Materials: SESSION #2 Explain Everything


Student examples: 


Plate Tectonics by Chandra

What is Pollution? Grade 6 Explains Everything

Nicole’s ecosystem science project


Explain Everything Student Example

Northwest Africa: Everything Explained

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Workshop Support Materials: SESSION #1 Book Creator



Book Creator site student examples:

Bringing student stories to life with Book Creator: “The Competition” student example.

Story narrated in students voice

Carnaval de Québec – Grade 5/6 Core French (Book Creator)

Fact or Opinion Book

How we created an interactive choose your own adventure book


Book Creator: teacher resource website/lesson ideas and example of process.

Good teacher example of how to use with a grade 5 class writing project and using showbie for managing and sharing. Example of multiple choices of ways for illustrating a book.


Lesson Plans:

Detailed lessons from Common Sense Education site.

4 compelling ideas for using Book Creator in the classroom

Top 10 tips for using Book Creator

Make comics with Book Creator

Creating a book of poetry with Book Creator

50 ways to use Book Creator in your classroom

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