More tools to Engage

Asking Rich Questions

Source Age Category Tech requirement
Peter Lilijedahl Middle/High school Open-ended questions with multiple solutions (ex. See “Tax Man” for activity on factors) Low tech
Open-middle problems K-Calculus Qs that allow multiple pathways to reach the same answer; categorized by grade and topics Low tech
Alice Keeler Elem-Mid Google suite Class set of computers


Math games

Source Age Category Tech requirement
File folder games varies Board games Low tech
Alice Keeler (search for “Games” on the page) and puzzles varies Google suite template games Class set of computers Elementary

Shapes, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Integers, Money, Time, Decimals, Fractions, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra

Fun online computer games with good graphics and sound effects.

The Free Basic version includes student achievements & power ups, plus overview performance data. The Plus version is $5/student/ yr.

Device with Flash player


Virtual manipulatives

Source Tech requirement
McGraw Hill Device with Flash player
Flashcards Device with Flash player
Conceptua Device with Flash player
Geogebra Primary

Ex. This one is about fractions

Device with Flash player


Cartoon and comics

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