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More tools to Engage

Asking Rich Questions Source Age Category Tech requirement Peter Lilijedahl Middle/High school Open-ended questions with multiple solutions (ex. See “Tax Man” for activity on factors) Low tech Open-middle problems K-Calculus Qs that allow multiple pathways to reach the same answer;

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Tips and Tricks for Teaching 3 Act Math Tasks

Dan Meyer explains the key ideas around implementing 3 Act Math. GSE Instructional Practice Guide unpacks 3 Act Math – describes how the teacher can guide the students through a 3 Act Task, why 3 Act Math is effective, and

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Ready-to-go 3 Act Math Tasks

Source Age Category Tech requirement Dan Meyer Mid-HS 3 Act Math Video (sometimes pictures) Graham Fletcher Elem-Mid 3 Act Math 3 Act math for lower grades K-2 3 Act Math Adrew Stadel Elem- HS 3 Act Math  

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Resources Used During the Session

Post-it notes by Jon Orr – area, division Graham Fletcher’s 3 Act Math Task: Gr3- Unit Fractions – Sliced up  Gr4- Multiplying Fractions – Do the Dew Gr5 – Adding unlike denominators – Pears Gr6 – Ratio and Proportions –

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