About Snap + Core First

What is Snap + Core First?

Snap + Core First is a language system created by Tobii Dynavox. The vocabulary in Snap + Core First is divided categorically with the tabs “Core,” “Quickfires,” “Topics,” and “Word Lists.”

Who is the target user of Snap + Core First

Emerging communicators are well-suited for this communication software—specifically those with physical access issues. The flexibility to adapt grid sizes allows emerging communicators to start with just one large button while learning to use eye gaze or switch scanning.

Snap + Core First may also be suitable for students using touch access who are developing generative language by learning core vocabulary and require a small number of locations per page due to impaired motor ability.

What devices is it available on?

iOS devices (e.g. iPad) and Windows OS (e.g. Surface Pro).

What alternative access methods is it compatible with?

iOS: touch access and switch scanning via the Pretorian APPlicator switch interface (I have not had success using other switch interfaces).

Windows OS: touch access, eye gaze, mouse emulation (e.g. joystick) and switch scanning via the EyeMobile Plus switch interface.

**Note: I do not recommend using Snap + Core First for auditory linear switch scanning because you cannot edit the scanning pattern.

What grid sizes is it available in?


What symbol set does it use?

PCS symbols

What voices does it use?

Acapela Voices


What are some unique features of Snap + Core First?

  • “Supported Navigation” for grid sizes 16 and smaller when students need navigational support (there is no message bar or toolbar when supported navigation is enabled)
  • “Location-based growth” supports the motor plan as core words stay together as you increase the grid size
  • Trains navigation with the search function
  • Colour adaptations for students with CVI
  • Social language in “Quickfires” and “Topics” sections
  • You can create a button in Snap + Core First to Launch Communicator 5, Grid 3, and Boardmaker Student Centre
  • Comes with pre-made visual supports and behavioural supports (e.g., visual timer, first then, scripts)
  • Customize and make your own behavioural supports
  • Data Tracking
  • Environmental controls

What are some of the limitations of this software?

  • No visual scene displays
  • Communication partner can’t swipe to other words with using a 1×1 grid when access method is set to eye gaze or switch scanning
  • Can’t edit the scanning pattern
  • Can’t open the app without wifi
  • Does not work with the following iPad switch interfaces: Tecla-e and Hook+
  • Can’t link to music and videos


Tobii Dynavox (2019). Tobii Dynavox Snap + Core First (Version 1.6). Retrieved February 18, 2019 from https://www.tobiidynavox.com/software/windows-software/snap-for-windows/.

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