Lesson Plans: Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox:  A DIVERSITY Programme from SET-BC comes with a Lesson Plan Package that lays our how the unit “can” be taught.  We invite you to read the lessons, adapt them to suit your class, or change them up to suit your needs.

PDF Download of Lesson Plan Package:  NEW Timmy Technology A DIVERSITY Awareness Program From SET-BC 2018 (1)-24c7jg0

As a result of this lesson, students should:


That people come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and cultures.

That no one person is exactly like the next (and that is great.)

That our differences make us who we are, unique and gifted in our own ways.

That there is no normal – we are all unique and valuable.


That each person is an individual with strengths and differences.

That each individual brings unique gifts/perspectives to a classroom, school or community.

That diversity is to be accepted and celebrated.

Be able to Do:

Identify their strengths.

Identify the strengths of others.

Recognize that each individual brings a unique perspective to any situation.

Value and celebrate our diverse perspectives.

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