What are the goals of Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox?

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox was re-conceived from the original Timmy Technology unit published in 2009 to embrace the following:

Awareness:  Children learn to accept and embrace diversity.

Acceptance:  They accept difference and look for strengths.

Knowledge:  They learn that there are all kinds of tools that can   help them learn.

Determination:  They begin to self-advocate for what works for   them.

Transitioning: They learn to tell their story.

“…schools and teachers need to develop classrooms that are supportive of children and accepting of difference…. children’s strengths are emphasized and differences are considered a positive part of a learning environment because they allow children to share and experience diverse perspectives.”

Preparing Students for a Changing World (Banks et al, 2005, p. 255)

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