What is Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox?


Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox: A DIVERSITY Awareness Program from SET-BC

Timmy Technology was originally conceived by a SET-BC supported student in 2008 as a mascot for SET-BC.                          

In January 2018, Timmy Technology was re-conceived as

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox, a Diversity Awareness Programme from SET-BC.

The SET-BC Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox kit contains all the characters above plus a series of 5 lessons to support student awareness of diversity, individuality and a celebration of learning strengths and differences.

Each character is designed to support students in exploring the many and various tools that can support learning and help them to know about and choose those that work best for them.

The five lessons include book supports (PDF, Clicker Book, Powerpoint, hard copy with Braille) to anchor the lessons as well as suggestions for activities that support awareness of diversity and recognition of strengths.

The lessons are as follows and are detailed in an accompanying lesson planning guide with the Timmy Technology unit:

Lesson #1. Exploring Individuality and Diversity

  • Students explore the concepts of same/different/diverse/individual through the lens of describing their own strengths and the strengths of their friends.

Lesson #2. Introducing Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox

  • An interactive book introduces Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox who are also provided for the students to explore and try and to prompt a discussion of what learning supports work best for each of them.

Lesson #3. Diverse Ways to Do Things

  • Students explore fact and fiction around disabilities and differences.  “Can someone who can’t talk communicate?”  “Can someone who can’t see read?”

Lesson #4. Communicating with Symbols

  • A sample communication app is provided on the iPad as well as communication boards so students can experience communicating without speaking

Lesson #5:  Can You Really See Me?

  • A book written about the original creator of Timmy Technology who was a SET-BC supported student, Can You Really See Me? leads the students to tell a their own story.

For more information or to arrange for a 21 day loan, please contact cfriend@setbc.org

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What are the goals of Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox?

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox was re-conceived from the original Timmy Technology unit published in 2009 to embrace the following:

Awareness:  Children learn to accept and embrace diversity.

Acceptance:  They accept difference and look for strengths.

Knowledge:  They learn that there are all kinds of tools that can   help them learn.

Determination:  They begin to self-advocate for what works for   them.

Transitioning: They learn to tell their story.

“…schools and teachers need to develop classrooms that are supportive of children and accepting of difference…. children’s strengths are emphasized and differences are considered a positive part of a learning environment because they allow children to share and experience diverse perspectives.”

Preparing Students for a Changing World (Banks et al, 2005, p. 255)

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What is included in the Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox kit?

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox:  Unit Checklist

    • Timmy Technology
    • Team Toolbox
      • 4 highlighter characters
      • 1 magnifier character
      • 5 pencil grip characters
      • 1 Mac laptop with charger
      • 1 iPad with charger
      • 2 speaker characters
      • 1microphone character
      • 11 books
        • All Kinds of Friends Even Green
        • Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox
        • Can You Really See Me?
        • Be Good to Eddie Lee
        • All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome
        • All Dogs Have ADHD
        • Sour Puss
        • So Don’t! And See What Happens
        • Ian’s Walk, A Story About Autism
        • Special People, Special Ways
        • Ricky, the Rock That Couldn’t Roll
    • 1 USB with documents
    • 1 Lesson Plan Package
    • Extra magnifying glasses
    • Extra highlighters
    • Extra pencils
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Lessons aligned to BC Curriculum


  • It’s ok to be me, it’s ok to be you.
  • Acceptance of who we are as individuals.
  • Our physical emotional and mental health are interconnected.

CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES – Students are expected to be able to DO the following:

  • Social and community health:
  • Develop and demonstrate respectful behavior when participating in activities with others.
  • Identify and describe characteristics of positive relationships
  • Mental well-being:
  • Identify personal skills, interests and preferences and describe how they influence self-esteem.
  • Identify and apply strategies that promote mental well-being


  • Factors that influence self-identity (could include self-esteem, self-efficacy, cultural heritage, body image
  • Managing and expressing emotions

(https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum/physical-health-education/2 )

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Timmy Technology’s Original Creator was a SET-BC Supported Student

Rebecca, a SET-BC supported student from 2007-2016, conceived of Timmy Technology when she entered a SET-BC mascot suggestion contest in 2008.

Daphne Mercier, a now-retired, former SET-BC Consultant, brought Rebecca’s idea for Timmy to life.


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Lesson Plans: Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox

Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox:  A DIVERSITY Programme from SET-BC comes with a Lesson Plan Package that lays our how the unit “can” be taught.  We invite you to read the lessons, adapt them to suit your class, or change them up to suit your needs.

PDF Download of Lesson Plan Package:  NEW Timmy Technology A DIVERSITY Awareness Program From SET-BC 2018 (1)-24c7jg0

As a result of this lesson, students should:


That people come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and cultures.

That no one person is exactly like the next (and that is great.)

That our differences make us who we are, unique and gifted in our own ways.

That there is no normal – we are all unique and valuable.


That each person is an individual with strengths and differences.

That each individual brings unique gifts/perspectives to a classroom, school or community.

That diversity is to be accepted and celebrated.

Be able to Do:

Identify their strengths.

Identify the strengths of others.

Recognize that each individual brings a unique perspective to any situation.

Value and celebrate our diverse perspectives.

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FLYER: Can Timmy and Team Toolbox visit your district?

Download PDF of Timmy Technology and Team Toolbox Flyer HERE:  Timmy Technology Flyer Jan 2018-2ggtbd9

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