Equipment List for Video in the Classroom

Camera – iPad, iPhone, phone, camera


Link to Nice Tripod

Tripod holder for iPad

iPad holder that will attach to tripod

Lights – Sun

Sound – A different iPad or phone…close to camera.

Link to sound recording device

Editing Machine – iPad using iMovie or Adobe Spark…laptop – see what you already have installed in your district.  File Management is key to editing.  If students film properly and have a good plan, then edits should be simple.  Don’t let students say – ‘We’ll fix it in the edit’.  When you hear that, then say ‘film it again’!

Green Screen – buy a bucket of green paint and paint a section of a wall.

White background – repeat above but don’t use green paint in this case.  I’ll let you sort this out!

Teleprompter – Parrot Teleprompter

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