Great Documentarties to watch

The below list comes from the attached youtube clip.  I’ll be updating this list every so often.

  1. He named me Malala
  2. Life, Animated
  3. Bully
  4. I am Eleven
  5. Girl Rising
  6. Underwater Dreams
  7. Wonder Women! The untold story of American Superheroines
  8. Right Footed
  9. If you build it

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Equipment List for Video in the Classroom

Camera – iPad, iPhone, phone, camera


Link to Nice Tripod

Tripod holder for iPad

iPad holder that will attach to tripod

Lights – Sun

Sound – A different iPad or phone…close to camera.

Link to sound recording device

Editing Machine – iPad using iMovie or Adobe Spark…laptop – see what you already have installed in your district.  File Management is key to editing.  If students film properly and have a good plan, then edits should be simple.  Don’t let students say – ‘We’ll fix it in the edit’.  When you hear that, then say ‘film it again’!

Green Screen – buy a bucket of green paint and paint a section of a wall.

White background – repeat above but don’t use green paint in this case.  I’ll let you sort this out!

Teleprompter – Parrot Teleprompter

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Dove Evolution and the construction of Beauty

What is beauty?  How does the media create their version of beauty?

Dove Evolution

Ironically when I’ve clicked on the Dove Evolution link a number of times I’ve had commercials for L’oreal and other products come up before watching the video.  I apologize if this happens when you watch!


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The Presentation

Lots of this presentation includes the video tips.  If you can’t view them within the presentation there is another post with all of the videos.

Video in Classroom Presentation

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Video Assignments

1 Assignment Introduction

2 Assignment – Biography

3 Assignment Beauty and Media

4 Assignment Photographic Composition

5 Assignment  Steady

6 Assignment Landscape or Portrait

7 Assignment The Interview

8 Assignment Lighting

9 Assignment Sound

10 Assignment Direct address

11 Assignment Scenes

12 Assignment Cover Shots

13 Assignment Narration

14 Assignment File Management – For Video Editing

15 Assignment Planning – Commercials and PSA’s

16 Assignment Continuity Contest

17 Assignment Camera Moves

18 Assignment Roles on Set

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Thoughts on Video

1 – Introduction

2 – Assignment – Biography

3 Clear Criteria

4 Self image

5 Interviews

6 Photographic Composition

7 Cover shots, Cut-aways and B-roll

8 Language

9 Shot selection

10 Camera movement

11 Continuity

12 Content is King/Queen – ie it is very important!

13 Roles

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Introduction Video

Introduction to Video Making

Watch the video…did I use stock video or photos?

A key in video is thinking about audio and video being separate items.  Often times when teachers start working with video they have students create video and audio at the same time.  Think about them as two separate elements that come together later in the process.

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Video tips in Video format

Tip 1 – Keep it Steady

Tip 2 – Landscape not Portrait

Tip 3 – Shed some light

Tip 4 – Sound Advice

Tip 5 – Talk to the Audience

Tip 6 – Seen a Scene

Tip 7 – Frame it right

Tip 8 – Cover it up

Tip 9 – Voice it, Narration


Tip 10 – Edit

Tip 11 – Plan it

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