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Yik-Wah Penner








Hello and welcome to my blog!

About Me

My teaching career first began in 2011, upon finishing my Bachelors of Education program at the University of British Columbia. Over the past 6 years, I have had the privilege of teaching secondary students in Vancouver and Singapore, but the majority of my teaching experience has been with teaching grade 8 at a middle school in Richmond, B.C. It was through this experience that I gained a profound appreciation for the middle school model, and saw how collaboration, project-based learning and inquiry-based learning could truly transform learning experiences for students. Furthermore, it was through my experience teaching grade 8, that I began to see how students gravitated towards using various forms of technology to express their learning. It was this observation that inspired me to complete my Masters of Educational Technology through the University of British Columbia, as I sought to investigate how technology could further support and augment learning experiences for students.

My Interests

My wife and I welcomed a new addition to our family this past year, so when I have free-time, it is safe to say that I am spending time with my family. Prior to having our son, my wife and I enjoyed travelling, and spent some time exploring Europe and Asia. Although I have lived in B.C. for over 15 years, I haven’t often travelled beyond the lower-mainland, so I am excited to see what this province has to offer, as a traveling consultant with SET-BC.


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