About Me


Jessy To

Prior to joining SET-BC, Jessy has taught high school ELL at Tupper Secondary in Vancouver and had the opportunity to work in Thompson, M.B. where she was a Resource Teacher for 2 years before going back into a Gr. 3 classroom for another 3 years.  From all her work experience, she saw the growing need and demand of technology as an integral part of learning and thriving in our innovative society. She took an interest in joining an after school teacher technology sharing club, where teachers from different schools and grade levels shared the different technology they were using in their classrooms to engage and stimulate student learning.  She completed her Masters in Special Education in hopes of acquiring more tools for her tool belt to reach all of the diverse learning needs in a regular classroom. She is now excited to share her unique background and learning experiences as a SET-BC Tier 3 Provincial Teacher.

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